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The Rural Tourism Project AURORA II aims at upgrading a self-learning training program on vocational level for the prospective rural tourism entrepreneurs and employees considering the labour market needs for the rural tourism sector.

The primary target groups  for the AURORA II Project are entrepreneurs that are already involved in rural tourism, entrepreneurs that want to start rural tourism activities, as well as tourism students.

The secondary target groups  are service providers, European rural tourism organizations, public authorities, and vocational training institutions.

The project focuses on innovation transfer of the previous project AURORA training modules. This transfer takes into account the changes in rural tourism and technologies which have occurred since the first project realization. The modules will help to create the basic knowledge to start one’s own business, and to satisfy growing request for new kinds of complementary activities in rural tourism.

The existing modules from the AURORA project will be updated and adapted in partner countries. This allows to take into consideration their specific need analysis, unique characteristics of each country, national legislation, hotel certification standards, socio-cultural environment and geography.

The training modules will be produced as CD with interactive elements. They will also be available at the project website in English and in the national languages of all the project partners.

The project started  in October 2009 to run for two years.

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